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I couldn’t get into all that sentimental schmaltz that pervaded our media a month or two ago.  I’m talking about the queen’s death.  Echoes of Princess Di and all that, which equally left me in disinterest.  But I did gauge that it wasn’t quite the right time to post anything on the matter which was less than self-flagellatory.

See, I’m not an avid monarchist.  But, equally, I’m not an avid republican.  Certainly, I buy into all those arguments about unelected and privileged gentry who have neither the skills nor mandate to rule, other than their accidental birth into a family line which had attained power many moons ago through violence.

Like I say, I buy all that.

But I am conflicted by the concept and the practice of republicanism.  For example, If we’d have had in recent times a head of state we would have enjoyed the presidencies of Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and Boris Johnson.  Now you may like or loathe any of them, and here is the point, they were irrefutably divisive.

“Ah,” you say, “a president is the leader of a whole nation and not its factions”.

Really?  Try Donald Trump and Joe Biden for size.

The inescapable conclusion for me is that our monarchy is less divisive than ever a politician would be.  And for that reason I favour it 51-49.

I am a reluctant monarchist.




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John Coopey

Wed 23rd Nov 2022 18:42

Thanks for your thoughts, MC and Stephen. And for the Likes, Frederick and Holden.

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Stephen Gospage

Wed 23rd Nov 2022 16:55

I'm in your corner on this, John. The Royals are all right if they give people a bit of a laugh. Chazza falls into this category, just about, but I'm not sure about the next generation, whoever they are. Not sure whether this makes me woke (or Woking?)

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 23rd Nov 2022 16:36

To be frank, I;m just surprised to find anyone on this site who's
prepared to put their head above the parapet on this subject.
JC would certainly come to mind though for his willingness to
debate difficult contentious topics. I remain a monarchist when
considering the alternatives. Besides, didn't we try the other
thing and find ourselves with a Lord Protector who aspired to be monarch? The French Revolution found that it faced having
an Emperor after its blood-letting petered out while fighting a
war with a Britain under the indefatigable leadership of Pitt the
Younger and his champion George the Third? Give me the pomp and pageantry and the tourists with their millions in
various currencies. If they know a good thing, why shouldn;t we take the hint and stick with it? God Save The Bling!" 😊

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John Coopey

Tue 22nd Nov 2022 18:29

the wrong doings of Prince A
the Princess Di conspiracy theories
The Crown
all fall within that category “Disinterest” for me.

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Rose Casserley

Tue 22nd Nov 2022 17:46

John, although I love you to bits matey and would never be disrespectful to you, can I ask you if your last line translates as being what you are reluctant to be while stories like the one I read about today that the so-called Andrew shunners Anne and Edward have been supporting Prince Paedo at a shooting party-
( bloody hypocrites! ) are going about?

one of the other news reports that does it for me was the one stating that the time of Dianas death crash in the Parisian underpass all the traffic cameras were switched off


all these kind of iffy stories in my opinion do not rate any kind of trust or respect in ANY of the Buckingham brigade dead or alive-see episodes of The Crown for suspicious details!

any disagreement to my opinion and I'll meet you at-
Bosworth! 😃

Rose 💋

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