House to House

I want to be grounded

like a child rolling 

down a grassy hill

with abandon.

I remember doing that

when mom would pile us in the car & take us to a far-away park.

I want to be joyous 

like the parrots singing

their chatter from the high-up palm trees.

I remember feeling that 

when we would run the neighborhood

with flattened cardboard boxes to use as sleds down dirt fields.

I want to be simple

like dreamy days of old when screen doors would slam shut with a whisper

as children bounced from house to house.

I am an old woman now,

no more rolling down hills,

no more sledding down mountains,

but I can still walk the grounds,

I can still hear the bird song,

I can still go from house to house--

hello, friend, so glad to see you today,

a simple day,

a joyous day.

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Rose Casserley

Sun 20th Nov 2022 18:20

' no more rolling down hills Helene!? ' what!? look, all you need to do is lie down and roll or sledge twelve inches from the bottom in that way you are still keeping up with and retaining your youthful practices albeit in a scaled down way! 😁

Rose 💋

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Rose Casserley

Sun 20th Nov 2022 16:09

Nostalgic sweetness! thanks Helene 👍

Rose 💋

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 20th Nov 2022 08:33

A beautful evocation of memory and pleasure, Helène. I remember, as a boy, rolling down a hill in Greenwich Park in London, with my dad and brother. You never forget these things, as you say.

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keith jeffries

Sat 19th Nov 2022 19:58

Thank you for this poem which is rich in nostalgia. Our childhood days were so simple and full of innocent pleasure. Your poem well describes those halcyon days.
Thank you for this

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