Keep Trying

If you always want

exactly what is

unfolding before you,

you will live in bliss.

If your desires

match this moment's reality,

you will smile all the day long.

Is this what it is like

to live intentionally

as a happy person?

But what if "what is" is horrible?

Look deeply & ask--

is there something beautiful here?

Viktor Frankl writes of a young woman lying in a hut, dying in a camp; she was gazing out a window where she could see a single tree branch with 2 blossoms on it; she told him the tree talked to her, saying "I am life, eternal life."

She was a saint.

I am not.

But I will try.


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Holden Moncrieff

Sat 26th Nov 2022 05:11

A truly beautiful, profound poem, Hélène! 🌷

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