hOPe (FuLly)

We live our lives in hope

From when we’re conscious of the world ,

We hope for something we know nothing of 

But what is hope 

A human state , that seals our fate 

Or manufactured in the brain

Or state of mind that keeps us sane


Hope is always round corner

Peeking out

A little chink that feeds the mind

Stops the world from going blind

Lifts the heart when things are dark

What we seek do we ever find.?


But hope is strongest in the young

Not faded by time and age

Distorted by middle rage

Hope that springs eternal

Sometimes you’ll find 

As Ian Dury sang to us

Springs right up your behind.


But those of us that live the longest

Are those the ones that hope the strongest ?

Does hope breed longevity 

Fleet of foot, less brevity 

Let’s hope it does as I’m getting old

And not yet ready for my mould


But we live in hope or so they say

As I stare at fading rays

I’m glad that I’m the hopeful sort

For all my life I’ve stood and fought

For endless hope of getting lines

That eventually exactly rhyme 


Which didn’t do so at the start

Of this particular poems part

But back now to my little story,

As I now close in hopeful glory 

That I continue life’s long hope

Before it disappears like soap.


17/11/22 20:05- 20:58








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Pete (edbreathe)

Tue 22nd Nov 2022 17:10

Thanks it seems hope joins it all up , and provides the glue

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 18th Nov 2022 22:52

I recall that hope comes between faith and charity in a certain
gospel. I hope that I keep faith with charity and that charity
keeps hope alive in others.

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Stephen Gospage

Thu 17th Nov 2022 21:37

I don't want to give up hoping, Pete. Good writing.

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