Explain (again)

Explain this to me

Why some are prisoners and some are free

Why some in jails are free of the page

Why those free,  are trapped in a cage

Why those that walk but cannot run

Stuck in the clay before even begun

Why those look down and some look up

To see if they can find some luck

Why some that love while others hate

Why some see doors and tight shut gates 

While others they see open plains

And opportunity  their fate to change 

Why some see green backs 

And others see fields

Why some see blue skies that never yield 

Why others see the burning sun 

While I see the end has begun


But Explain the beauty that I see 

As you stand there waiting in front of me

And explain to me the cold cold rivers  

Flowing past my eyes that make me shiver 

Unstoppable, Cascading down the valleys deep

My frailness before you makes me weep.

Explain why the window is clear,

Explain why I have no fear

No explanation here.








 03/09/2022. 17:10-17:35



◄ Autumn Knight

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