Broken vessel

Photo by Dmitry Ermakov on Unsplash

Fresh water suits my watery nature.
I squint at the ripples of redemption,
Watch the ducks glide beside me
Keeping me on the straight and narrow.

The call of strangers splatters across
The sky and I choke on what I do not  know ,
And so cannot even whisper or sigh.

Mountains and sky reflected in water.
The extraordinary ordinary
Among the golden gleams of sunset
We look, blind, into the sun and see
Light and shade are parting.

Flashes of lightning split the far horizon 
These southern skies populated with stars 
Float now, I am surrounded by a soft mist.
I feel disturbingly clean shaven
wrapped in pristine bed sheets

I gaze into the growing gloom inside my head,
The shaded bay has done with the town lights
Though I know they are somewhere there
mirrored in the lake
My stomach rumbles as I swallow my hunger; 
Oh! do not forsake me…

◄ A permanent loss of happiness

Winter of my Heart ►


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John Marks

Thu 17th Nov 2022 17:35

As ever, thank you dear Keith, and also thank you Bethany, Stephen, John & Hélène.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Jalāl al-Dīn Rūmī

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keith jeffries

Thu 17th Nov 2022 12:47

A poem of considerable profundity, almost a prayer with its appropriate ending. As a reader and not one inside the head of the author I see an appreciation of the natural world and its impact on ourselves. We are naturally close to nature and affected by its moods and changes. Natures entrances us and in its own way engenders hope. It is greater than us.
Thank you for this

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