A permanent loss of happiness

There are disappointments which wring us, and there are those which inflict a wound whose mark we bear to our graves. Such are so keen that no future gratification of the same desire can ever obliterate them: they become registered as a permanent loss of happiness.” 'A Pair of Blue Eyes' by Thomas Hardy.

Upon this beach of ground sand and shells
Come! See the image of the rolling sea.
This new found land ground by the tides,
These wide expanses framed by cliffs of sky
On the windward side the mere placidity of day.
Trilobites embedded, beneath my feet
Quartz and Muscovite glitter in the granite
The wind and the waves have had the time
To form sea views, sculpt’d rocks, caves.
Time grinds the face of all mankind
Time wears the skin thin and haggard
Sea views, hidden rocks, caves.
Her eyes address
A story drawn from:

Dreams, Wishes, Memories,
The holy trinity of centuries.

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John Marks

Wed 16th Nov 2022 09:21

Thank you Jo and KL, Ghazala, Stephen, Keith, Rose, Frederick & Hélène. Evolution has brought us here....but where, in God's name, is here?

"I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me."
Hermann Hesse, Demian: Die Geschichte von Emil Sinclairs Jugend

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Jo Callisto

Wed 16th Nov 2022 01:22

Really interesting. I have to think some more about this concept .......that a disappointment can be so grave... that it leads to a permanent loss of happiness.

I've had enough serious disappointments to understand what's meant here... but for me personally, I think my veins are flowing with a fairly good dose of defiance..... and so far...that has kept me safe from having scarring too deep.. (I say 'so far'.... 55 years.... so hopefully a few more years to go..... and hopefully...but not guaranteed (!!)... I can remain defiant enough to dodge too much deepness of scarring).

It's such an individualistic issue.. with so many complex variables interacting constantly.. no real formula that anyone can hold onto or concoct or prescribe..

Very thought provoking.

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