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As I look at my new (charity-shop) piece of Murano Glass 

I realise that I've never truly ASKED

The Universe:

'Why do you leave NO-ONE unhurt??!!'

'What is the pur-


Of this crap-

We attract??'

'Why is it that NO-ONE escapes the tangles??-

No matter how much we WRANGLE-

Our way around issues

Subsume these conditions

And variables?

Life's not like in the fairytales-

That we tell our kids.

WE are that fateful and terrible BRIDGE

From their lack of awareness

In all its fine and beautiful rareness-

To their unfortunate awareness

Without ANY of that rareness-

So the tangles will come!!

No matter what you have done-

Or not done. 

Some we anticipate-

But some we will HATE.

They floor us-

And wilfully score us.

And no-one ever truly knows (and can NEVER KNOW)-

How many of these blows

The person opposite you on the train

Or standing in the rain,

Has de-railed (or failed to de-rail),

Or not---either way around. 

NONE of that knowledge can ever be yours, 

CLOSED tightly shut...  are those doors-

To you. 

And by you too.

You *think* you can know.... the tally of the blows

YOU have taken?

On that matter too, you are completely MISTAKEN. 


My beautiful glass knot-

From grave to cot-

And back again,

Ad infinitum. 
















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John Marks

Thu 17th Nov 2022 19:38

Many people arrogantly say that they believe in God (theism) or don't believe in God (atheism). What is required is not belief but faith. Even if the whole world believes one thing, one person may have faith in the exact opposite.

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Jo Callisto

Wed 16th Nov 2022 16:36

Thank Keith and Ghazala, yes.. definitely all of those things.. 💗

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Ghazala lari

Wed 16th Nov 2022 11:29

All tangled, entangled, webs and nets.

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keith jeffries

Wed 16th Nov 2022 11:16

You are touching on the Divine purpose of life and endorsing the fact that we are finite in our thinking and understanding of the world about us and our personal encounters with it. A poem which enquirers and exposes who we are. I loved the way you presented this poem.
Thank you

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