Another place, another time

I wanted somebody to tell
About the hell that is suicide.
There was a girl with a pearl earring.
Everything fades in time, they say.
Yet, this time and place will never
wither away,
as if nothing ever remains;
after all we shared in early teenage years,
in a particular suburban place.

listlessness discourages me
from composing this time & place. 

The sky affects me greatly. The day
is all wind and rain.
I would rather see than look
And this involves seeing inside
me - as I really am.

As a boy I drink at the tap,
wander in the woods,
injure myself, climb trees, run.
But there's no running away from me. 
Not sleep –" the grass below, above the vaulted sky"*
I never stop thinking, thinking
I am in art again, I rest from being in skin.

That evening the smell of tar and hay...
lapis lazuli imagined 
eyes; a sapphire blue.
I rest from all the work 
I do. 
* John Clare


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John Marks

Wed 16th Nov 2022 00:28

Thank you dear Bethany and thank you dear Frederick.

"The hardest thing is to live richly in the present without letting it be tainted out of fear for the future or regret for the past." Sylvia Plath

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Bethany Sallis

Tue 15th Nov 2022 22:07

Very, very much enjoyed ( if that is the right word John ) this poem which brought to mind recent local suicides committed by people I would NEVER have thought would have resorted to it.

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