The Minder

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“ John put those back”

“ We don't need them.“

“ No John we don't need those either”

“ Come on.”

 "If we’re not careful, we'll be here all day.”

“ I want to get home, I've had enough shopping”

“ John let’s go and get the milk, then we'll get the bread”

“ No John not here, the floor is not your bed”

“ Come on John move, you can do it”

“ If you're a good we’ll get a slice of cake in the cafe”

“ Yes John, some cake and a glass of milk, but you have to be good”

“ Oh John, I've had enough let's just go”

“ I know I said you could have cake, but I said you had to be good”

“ I give in John, let's go and have some cake” 

“ Oh! Mrs Carter, hello!”

 "How are you?"

“ John, say hello to Mrs Carter,” 

“ Please ignore him, Mrs Carter, he just wants some cake”

“ Yes John we’re going shortly, hang on”

“How am I doing with John?”

“That's kind of you to ask, Mrs Carter?” 

“ Not very well,” 

“ If he was my son, and I was an active twenty-seven-year-old”

“ I think I could manage”

“ I think I could cope”

“ I would have more energy”

“ More get up and go”

“ But now?”

“ I’m the wrong side of sixty-seven”,

“ I'm so exhausted,”

“ Sometimes too tired to care”

“ Sometimes I sit in my armchair”

“ Watching him struggle”

“ I realise he is soiling himself”

“ But I stay still”

“ I sit in my armchair and just cry”

“ Not just for myself but for this man”

“ This once strong virile man”

“ Who’s now this sorry little man”,

“ With me,”

“ Till death do us part”

“ I fear death is a long way off”

“ Our marriage vows have already died”

“ I’m an unrecognised unappreciated minder”

“ To the man who once stole my heart,”


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