Can You Just Not

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For YOU it's fine

You can talk all the time

To this person and that

The old man and his cat

The farmer and his lama

You're good with the drama

These are the conventions

The inventions

Of a society that shrieks

That you're 'bleat-


If you write.

They are SO full of spite-


With their complaints,

Your character they'll taint

'Your writing is aggressive'

Says the middle class depressive

Standard man with standard job,

He may as well accuse you of being a yob.

The way he freaks out

It's ok for him to shout?

But not for you to WRITE, 


If YOU write instead of speak

His brain becomes weak,

Social convention's been broken,

He's not woken

Up to the idea

That some people CHEER

When receiving instructions and ideas in WRITING,

Instead of battling and biting

With bully boys and girls

Who prefer

To yak on AND ON

Using up A FUCK TON

Of your time

Yes, their CRIME (and it IS a crime!)

Is to prefer speech!!

To something more beautiful that will reach

Into your brain so much quicker

That will be instantly richer

When writing an instruction or idea

You don't have to FEAR

People butting in or out

You don't have to SHOUT

Over the crowd or be witty

Or be shitty

You can be direct

But even THAT they reject!!

Well hey, PAL guess what??


Everyone wants to yak.

Personally I'd rather lie down in a black

Room with black walls

While I scrawl

Interesting musings-


Unlike the crowd

Who mainly *do* understand how

The rules of yakking work


So sure then, tell me I'm wrong!!

That I should chop off my hands and grow a tongue


People would *like* me more?


As though I care.

Spoiler alert: I don't. 

























































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