This Isn't The Way

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It's an old story but not a goodie

Big companies these days treating us like bloody

Walking wallets for their taking

Our nerves they are breaking

Want a contract? no problem!!

Got a problem? Can't talk to 'em!!

Maybe India or Philippines?

Would upper management have even had time for the Queen??

I doubt it very much

They're too busy on the slutch

Playing the role of 'CEO' or 'Director'

Like a bastard DEFECTOR

From their own every day people

Who can't deal with the all the robotic 'BLEEPLE'!!

Of the A.I. Bot customer service-

The 'chat bots' and software lacking the required nervous-

System---ie---A HUMAN BEING!! Is it too much to ask??

For the most minor of tasks!!

To be dealt with by a HUMAN??

Hours and hours trying to solve

The simplest issue involves

A maze of ineffective bots & software

The big black hole to anywhere-

But to the CEO.... who is nowhere-

To be seen cos he's on his yacht!!

He's bloody run off with the lot!!

Leaving it ALL...... to the BOT. 

The bastard.
























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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Fri 11th Nov 2022 17:04

To be dealt with by a HUMAN??

If only!

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