I feel the rain

drumming in my heart

a staccato beat

steady & sure


plants, animals, people

with thirsty openness

we sing to the rain

rain! rain! rain!

the rivers & lakes & oceans join in the chorus

fill us with your life

of celestial joy

falling, falling, falling

from the sky to our eager 

outstretched hands


we dance in the puddles

without even worrying

about wet socks.

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Fri 11th Nov 2022 18:04

we dance in the puddles

without even worrying

about wet socks.

That'll be the toddlers out in the park!

A UK bung also = a bribe.

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Stephen Gospage

Fri 11th Nov 2022 07:14

I can only echo the other comments, Helène. This is great.

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Rose Casserley

Wed 9th Nov 2022 21:22

Lovely piece Helene. Some people moan about the rain-I say well which other way would we have of making beer? 😋

Spooky that you should have used rain as the basis for your poem Helene, because my forthcoming poem also has a theme of liquidity to it but with just a touch of added salt-😄

catch you later-chuck ( English slang for buddy )

Rose 💋

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Wed 9th Nov 2022 19:11

I am happy to report that I (a Californian of French-Canadian descent; my father from Québec gave all his kids names with accent marks!) am learning British slang from WOL. Eg "snap" (=2 things the same) used by Tom in a comment, & "bung" (=toss) used by Rose in a poem. Google provides me the definition of these words I have never heard before. My old brain is happy to be learning. So keep on writing UK folks!

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Wed 9th Nov 2022 18:55

How fun is that! Looking forward to reading your Rain poem should you post it. We live in California where we really really need rain.

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Wed 9th Nov 2022 16:42

I love this one Hélène. I read this half an hour after putting the final full stop to a poem about rain of my own. And... not worrying about wet socks was exactly the point I was trying to make too. So, snap 😃

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