Cleaning House

There is a little lady

who lives inside of me

& runs the show of my days.

Every morning she rises,

puts on her little apron

with 3 pockets,

& does the rounds

around her house--

tidying up yesterday's messes,

cooking breakfast for her family,

bathing & grooming

& opening the front door

to greet the sky & start the day.

Her mind plans her day

(this & that & that & this),

but her soul simply smiles

& lets come what comes

& lets go what goes.

I love this little lady!

She cleans my mind & heart

until it shines with brilliant emptiness.

She is my sun & moon

& stars & wind--

lighting the way,

stirring up the air

to clear the path.

I thank her

every day & every eve.

Thank you little lady,

my ancestor, 

my angel,

my guide,

my self inside my self.

She blankets me with peace,

gives me a good laugh,

& reminds me--

life can be simple

when I invite it in

& then release it

like a flock of birds 

making their wild ascent

to the beckoning sky.


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Stephen Gospage

Sat 12th Nov 2022 16:30

Beautiful, with a marvellous conclusion, Helène.

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