Onyx Eyes

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She smiled from the window sill,
A heart so weighed by sorrow.
She admired the night with onyx eyes,
Ever waiting for tomorrow.

She sung upon the sill so still,
Gazing from star to star.
And wasted wishes every night,
For those who lived so far.

Ever selfless yet wanting more,
She’d wish upon their health and love.
She’d live for hope like never before,
For the voices up above.

And each day she’d gaze down at the screen,
That held the world within her hand.
She’d smile time and time again,
Through hardships small and grand.

But she was adored by everyone,
Whose lives she gently touched
Having lit up their worlds, one by one,
And never giving up.

But one friend in particular, would see her watch the skies.
He’d take a seat upon the sill,
And see through her disguise.

And although miles and miles away,
He’d be sitting by her side.
He’d keep her close and never stray,
From him, she couldn’t hide.

And in her darkest, weaker times,
He’d take her hands and sigh.
He’d whisper words of encouragement and pride,
As he met her onyx eyes.

And when he smiled, she smiled too,
And together they would stand.
Making others smiles brighter,
Even if they didn’t understand.

And those eyes would shine with pride each day,
And love throughout the night.
As they held each other from far away,
Overcoming every plight.

With onyx eyes they watched the world,
From the stars up in the sky,
Their little world connecting them,
Friends and family worldwide.

So now there wasn’t any need,
To hide herself behind a smile.
Because her feelings could be genuine,
For the first time in a while.

With screens and stars connecting us all,
Our friendship bonds will rise.
So let’s be proud of who we are.
And smile with onyx eyes.

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