Magic Wand

The cost of living crisis 
escalates out of control
Life as we know it 
disappearing into a black hole

As we prepare ourselves 
for the cold, dark winter nights
We switch off the central heating 
the tv and the lights

There’s far too many people 
now living in fear and dread 
Consumed by stress and worry
despairing at what lies ahead  

No one wants to go to work 
just to pay energy bills
Surely a honest days wage 
should afford some perks and frills 

The politicians discuss 
but nothing comes from these chats 
Their focus just seems to be
scoring points in senseless spats     

Our future is in their hands
whoever the new PM may be 
Let’s hope they have a magic wand
to wave away our misery

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keith jeffries

Wed 17th Aug 2022 23:57

Julie, we are governed by an elitist group of the highly incompetent . I am amazed that out of a population of nearly 60 million people we are left with a choice of the most mediocrity available.
Good poem.

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