The MPs Big Bro Show

I have come up with an idea
for a new TV show
Put all the MP’s in a house
let’s call it The Big Bro

We will give them an allowance 
for rent, food and bills
Just enough to get by 
without any luxuries and frills 

Then, just for a little bit of fun 
we double all their fees 
Let them experience what it’s like 
to feel the pinch and squeeze 

It would be interesting to see
what solutions they would find 
Sat in the cold and dark 
dreaming of the life they left behind

Forced to make difficult decisions 
between keeping warm or fed
Worrying each minute of each day 
living life in fear and dread 

I challenge any TV company 
to give it a go
I’m sure it will get top ratings
The MP’s Big Bro Show


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julie callaghan

Wed 17th Aug 2022 19:09

Thanks for the likes and kind comment Stephen A. 🌈

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Stephen Atkinson

Tue 16th Aug 2022 22:56

I'm not into reality shows, Julie, but I'd give this one a go! 😃. They'd probably only last a day or two! Nice one 🌈

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