Garden of sleep

As I walk through the sleeping garden 

Where many a names are engraved 

I realise the impermanence of life 

These aren't just names I read 

But real people, now in graves they sleep 

I quietly walk through the corridors of time 

From 1700s to 1990s and 2020 

Generations lying in togetherness peacefully 

Their existence was important for their time of life 

It still holds attention as we scroll through their list 

All are one within the sleeping garden earth 

From dust we came and to dust we returned 

A garden of peace, saddens me immensely

The inmates are all living cordially

No one's rich, nor poor I see 

To each a room alotted, to each it's deep 


I'm just a soul out of nothingness 

Where's the name, fame, glory that I earned 

Not a book to read, none to tell my stories 

From nowhere I came, returned to nowhere land 

No one's there who knows me but my name 

My home is now the garden of peace 

And an epitaph describes my life's journey 

Two line to say it all, an endeavour 8 decades long 

It's what actually our journey in cosmos to see 

Two lines of life I lived battling, struggling and at ease 

Only to leave behind a name on my grave 

To tell the disinterested folks about a mighty me 

Or that's what I felt when my feet still touched the field 

My lungs were filled with air clean 

Now all is dust, my name, my home, my bones and a life decades long 


O God let me not desire

Things which gravemates may have desired then 

I will prefer a quiet corner cosy enough for my shy soul 

In the world above the earth and then below it so 

Only to know and realise,

I'm nothing now and will nothing always be 

I'm nowhere now and will always be 

Just preserve my sincere heart 

That so ardently loves Thee,

O almighty God, I truly, sincerely Love Thee


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Fri 2nd Sep 2022 10:01

Beautifully written Nigel. I appreciate your words. Thank you🌷

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Nigel Astell

Wed 17th Aug 2022 18:41

All have moved on to another world of peace
names are left of another life in which you walk
they whisper words in the wind you can only hear
when your name is seen by others and you are there.🌷

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