Sometimes we don't find words 

To express how we feel 

Not every silence depicts sadness 

It could simply be a peaceful state of mind 

Where nothing really matters anymore 

Atleast for the time being 

Everything's neutral without any charge to carry 

Just a feeling of deep quietness 

No emotional upsurge or downfall 


Sometimes we don't have any emotional vent through words 

We enjoy the no chaos, no storm, no confusion with a pause 

A silent journey of heart, soul and mind from nowhere to somewhere 

Can't just be expressed in deep meaning statements or Phrases 

Let me enjoy the lack of need of any conversation within 

The lazy moments of joy, not trying to ink or paint the dreams 

Living in solitude within the framework of a crowded room

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Fri 2nd Sep 2022 10:02

So true Nigel. 🌷

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Nigel Astell

Wed 17th Aug 2022 18:35

I once lived in a crowded house
when asked which room
I liked the best
I said I like each one the same
my mind is set to myself
even if not alone and you are there.

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