Closeness to Allah

When Allah is with you

Nothing can hurt you or break you

He's all you will ever need 

Who fulfills every want without asking your need


When Allah is with you 

It doesn't really matter who's against you 

If your intentions are right 

Allah will support you with all His might 


When Allah is with you 

Life's struggles become easy 

Every storm that comes our way 

Is deflected away from us


When Allah is with you 

There's no fright nor fear 

There'll be enemies hiding in ambush

But Allah's protection will always be near


When Allah is with you 

You can conquer mountains and spheres 

Not a spot in the universe is out of reach 

Cos Allah grants us intelligence and ease 


When Allah is with you 

It's the biggest breakthrough 

All the doors of destiny opens up 

Bringing us prosperity and peace


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Mon 15th Aug 2022 06:34

A poetic masterpiece displaying your belief.Well done.😄

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keith jeffries

Mon 15th Aug 2022 06:08

As a person of faith your poem articulates well the confidence that can be had in a firm belief in the Almighty. I share this belief but in a different context as a Christian.
Thank you for a poem which needs to be heard by many in today's world

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