Never Again & No More

Never Again & No More


They rush headlong into the fray of battle

or coerced and seduced into

some patriotic endeavour

Their leaders sit on the sidelines 

as passive spectators, politicians at best

liars and deluded fools

together as young men are denied

their maturity and hopes

Mangled and distorted corpses 

are retuned to loved ones in bags

of plastic despair

Grief stricken they huddle together

as tears rain on ashes in an eternal litany

War stories reach our dormant ears

and invade our inert senses

Another place far removed

of some but no real concern

The human soul cries that we awake

and reject this foul infamy

Never again and no more

must resound from every doorstep

Love cannot tolerate such

indiscriminate slaughter of the innocent

and for no earthly reason

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 29th May 2022 09:35

It is important to say this, Keith, in the name of humanity. Well done.

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jennifer Malden

Sat 28th May 2022 17:35

Each time we say never again but only until the next one starts. This time many were coerced and seduced into going, expecting a warm welcome. Really good.

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