Mother ...

You were taken by the wind

Blown from one place to another

I imagine you were water

Everywhere, but impossible to hold

Between my hands

Somehow you would always seep through

And soak into the ground


I know you were fire

Because you always burned bright

In my heart

You were the earth from whence I was birthed

I wish that just once

I could have seen you laughing with mirth


As a child, I saw you in rainbows

I saw you in stars

And the moon

I am sad that you had to leave

So soon


I imagined your face so many times

I yearned to hear you singing

Soothing lullaby's and nursery rhymes

I wished for a mother

For me, and my brother


I was a lonely, lost child

As a teenager I became quite wild

My twenties were troubled

-The wildness in me kinda doubled

My thirties saw me sort myself out

By my forties I began to feel a little more settled

Although I still lived in the shadows of doubt


Mother, I am in my fifties now

-Hard to believe but I made it

Some how

I like to believe that you would be proud

I imagine you floating on a happy cloud


I forgot to mention

You are a grandma now!

Better than that you are a great grandma

Three wonderful children born to my own

We look for you every night in among the stars

I tell them you are up there

On your heavenly throne


I’m not sure you know

But I found your grave

I visited once – it’s quite a long way away

I wonder did you feel my presence

As I felt a breeze and a touch of a hand

Did you hear my promise?

I promised I’d come back one day


Mother, there is so much I could say

I will write again soon

Until then I will ask you

To give my love to the moon.



C.K. 22









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kJ Walker

Fri 20th May 2022 06:38

Sad, but written with such warmth.

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Brenda Wells

Fri 13th May 2022 17:18

A very moving piece but one that shows much positivity and warmth.

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Stephen Atkinson

Fri 13th May 2022 16:03

Sadness & beauty wonderfully conveyed.
I'm sure she would be proud 🌈

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John Botterill

Thu 12th May 2022 22:42

Beautiful and moving, Clare. Consummately skilful, as always.

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Stephen Gospage

Thu 12th May 2022 21:53

A poem of sadness, Clare, but also of joy and hope. It really gripped me.

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