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The Faint

The Faint



     “We need you back bladerunner,

we need the old magic back” the commissioner pleads heartily,

but my sleep state confusion knows only the tears that foretold,

‘Big boys don’t cry!’


     In state of anguish every beating is felt one more time,

and, ‘it must be a life review’ and, I hear them say,

     “He’ll not recover from this one!” - it is as if,

said in glee for I have the brains I have overspent dangling

before my wife and children.


     She makes an attempt to put back - the grey matter

now oozing deep red as the commissioner pleads again,


“Off World Mercenary Outfit this one,

we need you back!”


     This pain killer becomes me as if to drop I must

and drop fast to be escorted out of sight and out of plot

and exit stage right and out of mind but,

     ‘they need the old bladerunner back,’


     I want my family as I cry, but, big boys do not cry

and now for sure, it is the commissioner staring at my breaking face,

and, ‘pull yourself together bladerunner, off world mercenary running riot,

we need you back.’


     My head moves slowly from side to side and quivering in

the process as my wife smiles – ready with elastoplast,

“Tea will be on the table when you get back hun!”


     Like Jacobs Ladder I am waiting for the chiro-practitionor to

let me know the demons are really angels but,

no word as my head moves in slow motion.


     “We need more bladerunner, you’re the best ‘sauce’ we have

and we really do need more.”


     Has the tramadol been tampered I wonder as my face seeks to be held

by the woman I would gladly go through hell for but,


not again no,

please, please please.


     I look up again as the drousiness persists my rape

and in sorrow I catch sight of my darling loving wife crying

tears upon my flesh,


…………… slow motion movements accelerate in an instant

before passing - to lick the bare emotions from my flesh,

like a hungry wolf, like a hungry, child……………..



Michael J Waite 8th May 2022.



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