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Magnification (again)

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(resubmitted on account of probs with audio)






     Solemnities hero be already dead -
for she never lived, was never there,
     Her favoured plunge had already
swanned to fantasy where meeting
minds were no longer chaste, nor
wanting loins expressing lions dare.

     The citadels of spite remained as
peoples strewn in tatters – navigate an open
hate of daily pain where the guilty,
     are hidden hands of power stressing
realities of Hades and pushing ‘false’ as
authenticate the ‘mode’ of intellectual being,
     a journey taken - no further than a ‘label.’

     Then ‘there’ are all,
all behind doors within their lonely
     cells of tears – their facial muscles
giving previous feign of smiles – aching
like their compassion ‘only’ adorned for

     “We no longer champion
life here – (the mayor remarked),
     we know only of a pre-requisite
to validate the death and that, be the
denial of Spirit that welcomes
     the empty pulse.”



     Swans, Geese, Kestrels Plovers
Rook and Buzzards – many more and
The King and Queen of Lore – fly away
     one last time,
     concealed to only brighten
a wisp of opacity.

     ‘To be a slight of life within
a fake was the only way the soul had chance,
          the only way for their escape.’


Michael J Waite 18th April 2022.


naturedestruction of planet

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