False Advertising

One thing I can't stand is false advertising,
Though it happens so much, it should not be surprising.
So while you think you are getting a wonderful deal,
Later you may discover those claims were not real.

When you make that transaction you may feel elated,
But when you get what is sent you may be deflated.
You may then be cross and you may be distressed.
You may feel foolish and are far from impressed.

The sellers might find all of this rather funny,
For they are happy now they've taken your money.
Why can't they sell something both good and nice,
And then not charge you such an exorbitant price?

So all sellers can't you now understand,
Do not resort to methods that are underhand.
So be kind to the buyers be on their side,
And then you shall find that we're all satisfied

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 5th Apr 2022 01:03

It's that confrontation between "Let the buyer beware" and
behaviour that sails perilously close of the criminal offence of
"Obtaining property (money) by deception - contrary to Sec. 15
Theft Act 1968. How very agreeable it is to find oneself in a transaction involving honest intentions that result in a
satisfying outcome.

<Deleted User> (33000)

Sun 3rd Apr 2022 12:24

I'm with you all the way Stuart and have you noticed the increase in gambling ad's? No doubt that the government will be rubbing their hands with glee thinking of all those taxes but not thinking about all families who suffer as a consequence to the inevitable addictions!

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