My Injury Time

I was once injured in a time gone by. 

To describe my dread I now shall try.

I broke nine ribs and gravely hurt my arm,

I asked, 'Do I really now deserve this harm?'


Twelve days in hospital I spent,

So slowly by they all surely went.

I lost my freedom and my dignity 

And no-one understood my agony.


I was in great and constant pain,

And like this I thought I would remain.

Each single moment I was in Hell.

Could I but get back to being well.


Though now I'm much better I must appreciate,

How much worse could have been my fate.

So while you may think I have raved and ranted,

For your health don't ever take for granted. 


Stuart VannerInjuriesHealth

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Jo Callisto

Thu 19th May 2022 19:25

Being in hospital for any length of time.. *is definitely* a shocker, Stuart... yes, I completely agree.

Hope you're feeling a bit better these days.. 😊

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