Death among the conifers

This was once innocent,

Joan Hunter Dunn country.

Now behind the rhododendrons,

azaleas, conifers lurk foreigners

with something to hide, money,

identities. They try to conceal

themselves in woodland,

behind fairways. Occasionally

there’s a mystery.


There may have been a court case,

or strangers in the neighbourhood.

A rich but shy man

is found dead in circumstances

not easy to explain away.

Another just the other day.  

Terminated with impunity.

Foul play not suspected,

baffled police say, invariably.   

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Greg Freeman

Sun 6th Mar 2022 10:46

Thanks for spotting the reference, Graham. I think the police generally prefer to let sleeping Russians lie, MC. More convenient for all concerned. Surrey hasn't got much going for it, but it is developing a reputation for dead oligarchs littering the place. Thanks for the Likes, Rudyard, Holden and John.

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 5th Mar 2022 13:57

If this relates to a Russian with a strangely English surname
found hanging around in a Wentworth garage, the investigation
seems to be commensurate with the times, e.g. taking nothing
for granted. Maybe a case of "watch this space"? (I'd be looking for an almost invisible injection mark for a start!) Evening all.!

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Graham Sherwood

Fri 4th Mar 2022 22:25

JB's muse would have enjoyed the name check Greg.
Careful, this might just catch on!

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