The news from Ukraine

I’ll show those old ladies

mixing up Molotov cocktails,

bomb a nuclear plant

to a factor of ten Chernobyls.


These steroids pump

you up, help you

to see things

as they really are.  


Never mind that bumbling

old man in the White House.

Never mind that clown we have

in place in Londongrad.


Never mind that our soldiers

don’t know why they’re there.

Look at little me, Ma!

Blowing up the world!



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Death among the conifers ►


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Greg Freeman

Fri 4th Mar 2022 11:04

Cheers, Laura. I suppose I'd better keep an eye on my door handles. But I think he's otherwise engaged at the moment.

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Laura Taylor

Fri 4th Mar 2022 09:58

And Greg delivers a stunning uppercut.

Nicely done. The contempt is boiling beneath the skin here.

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