the fall

I pity those who

choose not to feel love,

to see,


For the beauty and 

the promise within

is worth the risk of 

pure, absolute,


To build a foundation

where walls are no

longer needed,

or wanted. 

The relief of 

allowing another to

break down the walls

you built up for yourself,

to allow them in

and feel the weight 

remove itself from

you, your mind.

Your mind is clear,

yet filled with images 

of them,

their smile.

their voice, 

their touch.

The things that draw you 

closer and closer 

to their space,

forming into yours.

To choose a life lived 




I pity those who choose 

not to understand. 

To experience the warmth 

of love

is to let go and hope,


that they will catch you 

on the way


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