Take It Easy

Babe, just take it easy

Feel the wind, so breezy

There is a lot to say

Even after I parted my way

Had no intentions to hurt

But you know it was just a flirt

No hard or serious feelings

We both knew I was leaving

You were never my type

But I was still so hype

Because I love to explore

Did I not tell you before?

Though we were playful

We cannot stick like wool

Want to live up my dreams

You are not one of them it seems

Always bubbly and naughty

Even when I turn forty

Forced relations never work out

Raised my voice without any doubt

Only ever adored you as a friend

So this had to come to an end

You don’t know me well enough

Maybe delicate, but also quite tough

You won’t understand, probably not your fault

Your mental disorders are placing you on halt

Though we felt rumpy-pumpy once

I utterly found you to be a dunce

You were never in my heart

Very right from the start

Those feelings were always missing

Regardless of the lustful texts and kissing

Always loved my freedom

Whatever the month or season

I cannot change who I am for anyone

So let me enjoy my life and have fun!!!!!

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John Botterill

Sun 5th Dec 2021 23:55

I liked the contrast between the jaunty vibe and complex emotions, Aisha. ?John Botterill

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