Stand Up High

Stand up high

Don’t be shy

Give it a try

Reach the sky

No looking back

Stay on track

Nothing you lack

Full of knack

Exceed your aims

Walk through those flames

Show them your gains

Forget all the pains

Live every dream

Laugh and scream

With every morning’s beam

There is hope and esteem

Fulfil your plans

Look at those fans

Clapping their hands

Drumming on the pans

So give it all you got

A very best shot

You will surely succeed

Wherever you lead!

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John Botterill

Mon 22nd Nov 2021 19:14

Reminiscent of Maya Angelou I thought, Aisha. Highest praise, in my book! ? John Botterill

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John Botterill

Mon 22nd Nov 2021 17:02

I love the positive, optimistic feeling of this poem, Aisha. I feel boosted emotionally when reading it. Great! John Botterill.

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