There is a Parrot next door
it lives in a cage outside on the patio
the lady who lives next door
takes care of it like a mother
she feeds it
pets it
and in the morning
talks to it from her window
cooing like a dove
talking baby talk to the parrot
but the Parrot has no time for foolishness
Food is all it's interested in
the lady's sweetness is wasted on the Parrot
who is unresponsive and unappreciative
the lady's attempt to treat it like a baby backfires
the parrot prefers to be treated like a bird
it turns its back on her
and goes back to sleep on its perch
it does not care, apparently
all this faldereal leaves it

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jennifer Malden

Sat 23rd Oct 2021 17:25

Think it is incredibly cruel to keep a bird, often large on a perch. Parrots are usually sociable birds in nature. Not surprised it remains speechless! Nice poem

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