Boiling Water

She was so young
she had never cooked before
never even knew how to boil water
her mother did all the cooking
so it was a monumental task
her learning to cook
It took on the scale of climbing mount Everest
she was an amateur but willing to try
starting slow but growing more confident
as time went along
small steps at first then branching out
trying new recipes
making up her own
and little by little she became a great cook
providing the family with delicious meals
and many hours of pleasure around the kitchen table
food binds us together
and she is the one who keeps us all going
mixing her motherly love into every serving
our appreciation grows over these many years
for all the hours spent hovering over the kitchen stove
her delicious homemade meals
prepared now as second nature
as easy as boiling water.




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jennifer Malden

Sat 23rd Oct 2021 17:32

Hope you told her so? My lot just gobble, without any words! Why did you dig the hole in the yard if she's such a good cook? Jenniferrrrrrr.

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