Booster jab delays !!

Let's keep Britain safe and free,

As yet no booster jab offered to me.

The N.H.S.faces a tough winter ahead,

Many of us will end up infected and dead.


Protection wears off for the jabs we have already had,

For a booster jab appointment I will be so glad.

For the first two jabs I happily did go,

The booster jab is being delivered far too slow. !!

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 21st Oct 2021 14:59

I had my flu jab at my very efficient local pharmacy. Is it beyond
governmental organisation to extend this excellent widespread
high street service to include the provision of booster covid jabs.,
not least when pharmacies have been under threat of cut-backs and have found it necessary to canvas their customers for
support to keep them in existence? After all, a jab is a jab is a jab
etc. Hardly rocket science!

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Tim Ellis

Thu 21st Oct 2021 13:31

We just have to be patient. The NHS is stretched to the limit I’m afraid.

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 20th Oct 2021 18:05

Topical/timely! Perhaps it's hoped to reduce the number of jabs
required via a comparable reduction in the population?
To adapt an old saying:
Slowly slowly...catchee mortality. 😐

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