Vera the vampire ,a hungry girl !


George my friend went to a gohst-ery store in East Cheam,

Bought loads and loads of boxes of I-scream,

Jumped in the car with Vera the vampire, gave her a peck,

Vera gave him a kiss,'twas a pain in the neck !


Vera at the bakery went up to the jam doughnut shelf,

Sucked out all the jam all by herself.

The selection to eat at the bakery were numerous,

But nothing with bones,she didn't  find it humerus.


Around the town Vera still hungry did roam,

Suddenly came upon a retirement home.

Residents were sat down eating their dinners,

"They're no good for me, they're all on blood thinners !!"




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Sun 31st Oct 2021 08:43

Warning !!

Beware Vera the vampire has gone out to play,
On Halloween her favourite day.
She's looking for blood to put on her toast,
Sometimes in disguise dressed up as a ghost

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Stephen Gospage

Fri 22nd Oct 2021 21:55

East Cheam's changed a bit since I was there!

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