Elvis Presley Boulevard 1994


It’s hard to forget the road signs,

Emerging from the Memphis grey,

Electrified and hoisted up

To the edge of the stratosphere,

To counter the obsessives who

Came with telescopic ladders;

The copyright mark on the grave

(Was that usual? I don’t know);

The heaps of tacky souvenirs

In shops at the end of the Earth,

Where only the gas stations hear you;

The deodorised cheeseburgers;

The yellow brick road to Graceland

With ten facelifts from Montana;

The shrines of houses bought by fans,

All certain he was still alive;

In fact, each day there were reports

Of some supermarket sighting.

There would come a time, but not yet;

Hope, like hound dogs, springs eternal.

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Stephen Gospage

Sat 2nd Oct 2021 16:57

Thanks, John. I appreciate your support.

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john short

Fri 1st Oct 2021 10:11

An interesting poem with some striking images. I also liked 'deodourised cheeseburgers'. Look forward to reading more.

John S

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Stephen Gospage

Wed 29th Sep 2021 17:48

And thanks to Stephen, Holden, Kelvin and Feeling Emotion for liking this poem.

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Stephen Gospage

Tue 28th Sep 2021 17:13

Thanks to Ray, Greg, John and Trevor for all the kind comments and input. I was in Memphis in 1994 visiting a fertilizer plant (it's a long story) and managed to squeeze in a visit to Graceland. I gather it's changed a bit then, but it seems they still have to electrify the road signs to fight off souvenir hunters.

There are so many Elvis impersonators now (one used to live opposite my aunt's house near Basingstoke) that I suppose sightings are quite common, especially if there are no changing facilities at the venue. Thanks for the Kirsty McColl video, John. I thought it was the sort of thing Chas and Dave might have done. Or you know who....

To parody Spike Milligan (not a good idea):

I thought I saw Elvis riding on a tram;
I asked "Are you Elvis?" He said "I am".

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Trevor Alexander

Tue 28th Sep 2021 14:53

Of course he's alive - he's still down the chip shop innit? 😂

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Tue 28th Sep 2021 11:18

An inspired offering Stephen. You've caught a whole scenario in a convincing way. The copyright says it all, litigation baying at the heels. Great last line especially.


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Greg Freeman

Mon 27th Sep 2021 17:46

Lovely poem, Stephen, Love 'deodorised cheeseburgers' and 'the yellow brick road to Graceland'. I swear I saw him on an empty petrol station forecourt the other day ...

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