Playing On The Seashore


A small boy lost in finding good pebbles
for the game of the moment, which was this:
send a stone on a high parabola
over the waves then quickly follow up 
skimming a flat stone aimed to coincide
with the flying projectile at splash-down.
Some stones were too good to give up this way.
One perfectly spherical stone hypnotised the boy.
The perfectly curved orb followed 
a perfectly straight line to the yielding sand,
he let it drop again and again.
"Will you help us pack away?"
Another stone showed magical powers.
Struck by warm sun-rays it would produce
the brightest colours from its glassy body.
"Isaac, c'mon now"
The boy pocketed his best pebbles
duly raced over, surprisingly quick 
on yielding English sand.
"Sly cake, Duck?"
"Okay" The boy shrugged, turning over and over 
the stones in his little hand.


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Stephen Gospage

Mon 27th Sep 2021 16:57

A lovely one, Adam.

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