You ask if you can buy some piece of tat.

You ask how far will go this winding road.

You ask to where this raging river flows.

You ask for the stars, the moon and the sun;

All day you make demands,


But you never float on the weightlessness of a melody,

You never breathe the clean air of the prisoners’ freedom,

Never die a little during a string quartet,

And never leave Earth's pull at the end of the Ninth.


One day, beauty’s gift may settle on your hand,

But for that you need to listen, not demand.

◄ The Peppers

Johnny Bang-Bang ►


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Stephen Gospage

Wed 15th Sep 2021 17:10

And thanks to Aisha and Angel

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 12th Sep 2021 15:52

Thanks to Hugh, Adam, Rudyard and Holden for reading and liking this poem.

Keith - thank you for your comment. I tried to make the poem as melodic as its subject (a task which is probably beyond anyone!)

Stephen - thanks for entering into the spirit (I promise I won't pull any strings etc, not to mention rolling over..)

Julie - yes, I think the prisoners' chorus is one of the high points of this most human of composers.

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julie callaghan

Sun 12th Sep 2021 10:21

Lovely my favourite line… You never breathe the clean air of the prisoners’ freedom,

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Stephen Atkinson

Sun 12th Sep 2021 09:36

A wonderfully orchestrated piece of writing!

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keith jeffries

Sat 11th Sep 2021 19:36

Almost melodic. I enjoyed this.
Thank you

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