The subject matter seemed beyond a poem but rather more suited to prose...hence the following.

The situation in Afghanistan engenders a certain sense of irony in yours truly, for the process and the recent outcome.

Both America and the UK were prime participants and somehow the lessons of history seems to have passed

them by in their dealings with that country and its inhabitants.

Centuries ago, the population of the colony (as was) of 18th century America took exception to "interference" 

from Britain and took up arms to make a stand in defence of their perceived right to self-determination

for the future.  .

Its people formed themselves into armed militias and became a fighting residential force that faced

and fought the British army until they achieved success and the freedom to grow into the most 

powerful industrial nation in existence.  The UK who had supplied many of the colonists in the first

place soon become its most supportive ally, not least against later tyrannies that emerged elsewhere..

Yet, somehow, with all that to fall back on, neither was apparently busy in encouraging the Afghan

nation to emulate the example they represented during the 20 years recently spent giving lives and

money to that country,and the defeat of the foes that threatened both the region and the wider world..

The people of that "unconquerable" country also had the chance to use the history of their allies to

step up to the plate and copy their historical precedent, with the added benefit of all that was being

contributed by those two former foes on their behalf as well as in the cause of greater world freedom.

and democracy.  Yet they  did not seize the opportunity; instead resorting to the age-old tribal ways

that have now seen a return of their own enemies to achieve ascendancy over their insidious apathy.

Their so-called political leadership and others fled elsewhere to seek yet more support and sanctuary 

that might not otherwise have been necessary had they emulated the historical example of their primary

ally - the USA - and stood together to fight "as one" for the freedom that was on offer against their

own interfering resolutely meddling foe..

A-mericans got a "plus" from their own determination to achieve their freedom and all that followed. 

A-fghans - sadly, a "minus"!

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John Coopey

Thu 9th Sep 2021 14:37

Let's hope so, MC. But Hope is never a solid foundation for policy.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 9th Sep 2021 14:16

Hi Brian - I do hope your neck of the woods managed to escape
the ravages of Hurricane Irina. I still remember the warning
given years ago about avoiding the "hurricane season"! Thanks
for the comments. The "A" was for American efforts and success
in the distant past, not the recent past.
JC - we can live in hope that something the world can live with emerges from the result. The Taliban also needs to survive in a
rapidly changing power-shifting global existence and may even
actually begin to understand the requirements needed to endure.

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John Coopey

Wed 8th Sep 2021 22:40

It is indeed tempting to say we (and the USA) should never have got involved in the graveyard of imperialism. But if the Taliban honour their bay'ah with al-Qaeda and the latter restart huge terrorist atrocities in the West, should we respond. And how?

Brian Blanchard

Wed 8th Sep 2021 20:10

Hello Mark...imo, America (and Britain) should have learned from the Russians before them and never stepped foot into that lost country. That said, I honor the efforts and sacrifices of those who served there. The withdrawal was a complete disaster and embarrassment and the sole responsibility of the Biden administration's ineptitude. You are very generous with your grade...I'd give it an 'F'.

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