The cereal girl and the sandwich boy:

she conjures stories about the characters

on the side of her cup; he shrieks with

glee, astonishment, and disappointment

in short order, dramatically

making up for his lack of words.


Wonderful land of tomatoes from Juan’s uncle’s

smallholding at Farajan, the pueblo

up in the hills. Suspicions of swallows

at dusk, as the heat retreats from the day.


Fragrance of the garden

overwhelms, denies sleep.

Tangerine sky our alarm call each morning;

glow of a promise to be kept.

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 5th Sep 2021 19:56

A beautiful poem. It conjures up a number of wonderful things.

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Greg Freeman

Sun 5th Sep 2021 18:02

Many thanks for your comments, Kevin and Adam, and for the like, Stephen.

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Adam Whitworth

Sun 5th Sep 2021 10:42

I love "Suspicions of swallows".

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kJ Walker

Sun 5th Sep 2021 09:44

Conjures up a lovely image of family meals in warmer climes.

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Greg Freeman

Sun 5th Sep 2021 09:04

Very kind of you to say so, Graham. Posted in the wee small hours, unable to sleep in different temperatures on the first night back in Blighty. Thanks for the like, Holden.

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Graham Sherwood

Sun 5th Sep 2021 06:28

I think this is one of the best pieces you have ever written Mr F.
There is an obvious and very sculpted level of detail here. Verse two is brilliantly done. Bravo!

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