They are just words

Don't tell me you're there for me when you're not. 
Don't tell me you care for me and leave me to rot. 
Don't tell me you're kind and think only of your self. 
You're not who you claim when you damage my minds health.
Do not say you understand but then dismiss me completely.
How can you do this when I'm hurting so deeply?
Do not pretend to be the caring person you say you are.
You'll hurt my soul more with your lies that will scar. 
Be truthful about yourself, don't hide it behind a mask.
I wish not to be lied to, is that too much of an ask?
So don't say "let me know if there's anything I can do".
Don't tell me "ANYTHING?!" when this is not true. 
True kindness is about sacrifice and going without. 
Not huffing and sighing and throwing a pout. 
If you wanted to help me in any way, shape or form,
Chivalry would be in your blood and not a role you perform.


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