The hollow man



The hollow man is the memory of valley and hill of life these valleys show no end but plain of enteral life


The man gets his name empty hall of many dreams and lies within a house of the phantom, teacher, mistress through their trial an experience from the love of family and soul value


The hollow man filled with regret an empathy toward the phantom we collected through the age of learning


The man house was filled with many paintings and doors through trial and war and peace 


The Phantom of the hollow man be a past of truth an understanding 

Throught these phantoms the of the hollow man has color as vivid as a flower an dark as a void

 the man is made up of pieces of the memorys of year of ages to live through the phantoms that give it form an meaning 

The shallow house is grave of lie an broken drram and promise of the man that run it with authority an order without care for who in it 

The hollow man is his name an he show the darkest corner an darkest truth about are personality an who we are an the darkeat the lies there waiting in the corner





war poetrypoetrylife cycleIntegerity honesty truth tragedy life society

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