As I close my eyes 

"Just a second"I say as I resist 

I see shapes black circles 

Moving circles 

I look closer it's a tunnel 

Time to float through ,here goes

I'm on a tube slide free and fast 

Still dark tho ,I'm free at last 

Up and down I turn corners

I almost feel a cool breeze as I move deep

Light I float now fall steep 

Wait for the light  ...I see the light

I see the figures illuminated 

They offer me their hand

Overseas over land

Over trees Over sand

I see pyramids and market stalls

Ancient buildings, sandstone walls

Shanty towns and mansions 

Old cobbled pavement,candle lit lanterns

Trees and hills forever green

Animals like I've never seen 

Places I have never been

Castle a worshipped king 

On her throne there sits a queen 


Up up up above clouds out of earth I'm now in space

As light as a helium balloon 

You should see the view its ace 

Down the spiral staircase back to a world of gravity 

Returning to my body to the strange place they call reality 

astral travelMeditationthrone




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Stephen Atkinson

Fri 6th Aug 2021 17:47

Sounds like a blast, but will i have to quarantine when I return to reality? 😟
Great write 🌈

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