Bananas are temporary
so brief their prime
they start out nice and green
but in a day or two
ugly brown spots show up
like age spots they multiply
they are unsightly and put people off
no one wants to be around an old banana
the banana starts to lose its zing
it gets limp and nasty
eventually turning old and mushy
it's enough to make you sick
it was not meant to be this way
I want it to be green
to last longer in its sweetness
not old and brown and lifeless
it drives me bananas!

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Nicola Beckett

Wed 4th Aug 2021 21:53

Ha I like them green and ripe and firm ha x 😀

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Stephen Gospage

Wed 4th Aug 2021 17:37

Fun and faintly disturbing.

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Greg Freeman

Wed 4th Aug 2021 13:48

Each to their taste! I will only eat them when they have a few brown spots on them.

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