Change The Narrow Thinking

Welcome to the twenty-first century

Let’s make this poem into a good memory

I have plenty of motivation and energy

The narrow thinking needs to alter, come and follow me

Stop with the forced marriages

Sending your daughters in beautiful carriages

Without asking for their consent

Coercing them to smile throughout the event

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Queer

There is no need to be shy or fear

Love is love and it will remain

There is no need for you to explain

What is the point of racism and hatred?

Religion or ethnicity does not make things complicated

No need to thread people according to these groups

We are all equal, so stop forming these troops

Treating children like they did in the back days

Influencing them in their old fashioned ways

Fuck this kind of torture and mentality

Please wake up to the current reality

Why distinguish between a man and woman?

That is just utterly inhumane

Both sexes can undertake any form of work

Stop prioritising and being a jerk

No child should ever suffer

Black lives will always matter

Palestinians are no different to any other

I hope you will soon discover!

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Rachel Rene Wright

Mon 2nd Aug 2021 04:19

I love this poem, so many people need to read and understand the passion within it. And stop making all these damn interpretations to fit your situations.

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