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Rachel Rene Wright

Updated: Mon, 20 Jun 2022 07:20 am

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My name is Rachel Wright, I'm 27 and this is my voice. I've been writing poetry for as long as I can remember and it's time I share it.

The world seen from different eyes.

When I look around this is what I see People graduating college, getting their degree People are working out, trying to get a six pack Parents leaving their kids and never coming back Some people are skinny, some are fat We finally have a president, who's black You need money to be happy, at least that's what they say Construction and gas are destroying the world everyday All the plants are dying to make way for our needs So many people are dying in the act of evil deeds There are those who can't feed their families Kids are having babies at the age of 15 There's reports of rape, theft and abuse People going to jail for things they were falsely accused People changing who they are, for someone they "love" No one says excuse me anymore, they just push and shove People are homeless and starving to death Doing drugs like cocaine and meth Kids running away, because their parents don't understand People selling themselves for some cash in their hand I know times are hard, the economy is bad No one is getting money like they should've had Nobody is safe from disasters on this Earth Mothers dying while giving birth You get the feeling someone is watching you You call the police and they say, "What am I supposed to do?" Men and women sleeping around, catching STDs All of this is way too much for little kids to see By Rachel Wright

He doesn't know

Do you think he knows how he makes me feel To know that we are ending, what we had was so real He hurts me so bad, I don't think that he knows it But it's true, what could I do to make him get it I cry when he's away and even when he's near When we separate everything to me, will be so clear You keep me close so you can control me With him, independent I'll never be He says he wants me to get control of my life, but I don't believe it at all Because when I need help, you ignore my call He won't understand, because when I tell him he gets mad Doesn't he know when he does that, it makes me so sad Do you think he knows how he makes me feel To know that what we had wasn't real By Rachel Wright

Eternal Love

He was just looking around to see what he can see When he saw the most beautiful girl there could ever be He stood there for a minute staring at her beauty Then she looked his way and smiled so sweetly She decided to go talk to him and he started to sweat He tried to think of what to say because he didn't know her yet She said in the most angelic voice, "Hi my name is Rose." He said, "My name is Jack." and the future nobody knows He was very nervous she could see it in his face But she didn't mind because even she had to think of what to say They continued dating for as long as they remember Even when their problems were getting bigger and bigger She put on a couple of pounds, but her face looks the same As the first day they had met and he heard her say her name Everyday his happiness grows until eventually he'll hit the grave Because that moment will last forever in his mind how he was saved He thanks God every night for the gift of an angel God knows that he loves her everyone could tell He wants his sweetheart to rest right next to him Because even though they die, their love would never dim She's the one that he wants to be with forever The greatest gift that he could've ever received is her By Rachel Wright

I missed you, but now I don't

I can't believe you left and I never saw it coming You told me that you would never leave me You treat me like I'm nothing to you I can't believe that we are really through What did I ever do to you to deserve any of this Out of everything that has happened, I still long for your kiss I miss you I remember how we were before she came in The times when I cared for you and didn't want to win "Why did you leave me for her?" "What's so special about her?" I keep wondering if you think of me at all If you'd pick up the phone, if I call "Did you ever really love me? Or Were you just using me?" "What do I have to do to make you see?" "What could I do to make you mine?" "To have you and kiss you all the time?" I miss you "Will you ever be mine again?" I only see you, I see no other men I see those beautiful eyes and all the arguing stops You seem to use that on me a lot Now I know we were never meant to be I missed you You tell me that you love me, but you don't know the meaning of the word Because if you did then I wouldn't have heard from you what I heard I wish that you could read my mind that way you would know How I really feel about you and know I miss you so You were exactly what I look for in a man To you there was no comparison She's wearing your number which is something you never did for me I never even got to introduce you to my family I was the only one who saw you in a different way And now there is just one more thing I have left to say I think about you a lot and it's not a good thing anymore Because the longer you're in my head the more my heart grows sore I cry but not because I'm sad, because I'm mad Not even music can get rid of the rage I feel towards you And not even chains can keep me from getting you I look happy on the outside but about to explode on the inside You can run, but you can't hide I missed you, but now I don't By Rachel Wright

Family is worth it

They say that this is good for us, but I have to disagree Because what we need out of everything is a family Family is what gets you through the hard and the rough They stick by your side when things get tough And if you believe there is something greater, that is the day you become lost There is nothing that is worth more than family, no matter the cost Families don't always last forever and if they do you are blessed So appreciate them while you got them, because they could very well vanish By Rachel Wright

Where is he?

I've tried so hard to find him, but it seems he avoids me I don't even know what type of guy I like and neither does he I've looked both left and right, but I guess he's not around How can I make myself noticeable if my voice won't make a sound You see people everywhere as happy as can be with someone beside them If I only knew who he was I would walk around happy with him I've searched both up and down, but haven't had much luck I hope that when we do meet he doesn't turn out to be a schmuck He had better treat me right otherwise it's bye bye I will find somebody else to replace him he'll be a better guy Sometimes it can be lonely traveling down lovers lane Especially with no one to go with you, maybe he feels my pain He'll be a guy I can talk to and loves me as me When I finally do find him, I'll know it's meant to be By Rachel and Denzel Wright

School Shooting

We have to get the children to safety, a stranger is here A man with a gun in his hand and breath of beer Once he was an honest man with a job and family But something has happened and brought him to this point reluctantly He is angry at the world and he takes it out on this school He yells down the halls how we are all fools He says, "You really think you can hide when bullets go through walls?" The children screams and cries while an employee falls I saw their frightened faces as he busts through the door He says, "Well hello everybody," looks at me, "is there anybody hurt, bruised or sore?" We all shake our heads and he says, "Well that simply won't do" He takes out his knife and pulls me by my hand He puts the knife to my throat and says, "I want you to listen so you'll understand" He presses it harder, they all gasp and nod their heads He says, "Now some of you just might make it out, but most will be dead He then says, "I want the girls on one side and the other side the boys" "I don't want to hear talking, absolutely no noise He puts the knife away and points his gun at me He walks over to the boys while I watch helplessly He squats in front of the boys and says, "What is your name?" The boy looks up hesitantly and says, "My name is James" The shooter says, "My name is Frank and hope is your day?" James fights the need to be sarcastic and just says, "Okay" He then announces, "James is a good boy, I would hate for him to die "But I need someone as an example to show I don't lie He shoots the boy in the chest and calls one of the girls to him He says, "What is your name?" She says, "Kim" "Well Kim, I want you to try to save this boy and be fast "Because every second that you waste could very well be his last She hurries over to James, looked in his scared frantic eyes Saw his life drift away slowly and he was getting ready to say goodbye She whispers, "A tourniquet, quick I need someone's shirt, please hurry" A red headed girl runs over and takes off her shirt quickly Kim pressed hard against the wound as James groans James says, "Please I can't take this pain, please just let me go" Kim fights back the tears and says, "No you're going to live "Because God would not waste a life that he was generous to give She pressed harder out of anger, because she knew what was true That he may die at any second and everyone knew it too Frank looked satisfied at the pain he caused and the boy drifting away Kim leaned in closer, because James had something to say He whispered, "Don't let everyone die, their lives are in your hands" She was frightened, but she nodded and said, "I understand" She stayed there for a while wanting him to die looking at her face Then after a few minutes she walked back to her place She started thinking in her head of ways for them to get out She looked at the door, shook her head and tried to find another route Frank looked around the room and noticed a girl with glasses and blonde hair He said, "Hello what's your name?" She looked scared and said, "Claire" He said, "Claire, what a pretty name and how is your day?" Her eyes got bigger and she started to shake He says, "Don't worry, your fate won't be the same as James" Her breathing has slowed down, but her eyes remained the same He stared at her until she calmed down and then she said "My day has been bad since I got out of bed" He clicks his tongue and shook his head, said, "Why is your day bad?" She said, "Things keep happening that makes me very sad" He said, "Please continue with your problems and we can mend" She said, "All right well my dad left today and you killed my boyfriend" By Rachel Wright

My light, My savior, My love

You may think you see all of me But you only see part She shines her light on the rest of me The light comes from her heart                   My light When I'm in trouble, I call for her She always comes running The most beautiful there ever were I've never seen someone so stunning                     My savior When I'm thinking of someone She always pops into my mind For who I love more there is no one Than my sweet little valentine                      My love By Rachel Wright

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Rachel Rene Wright

Sat 24th Jul 2021 14:05

I have worked really hard on all of these pieces, any advice or support that someone can give would be very much appreciated and accepted.

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