Life is one huge puzzle from birth to death

Actions, words, thoughts, emotions all fuelled by each incoming breath

Until the end when you breathe no more and you go knocking on Heaven's door

You would think you have been lucky if each piece fitted into place

That you would be unlucky if you went searching to fill each empty space

But then have you been lucky if all falls into place, like Heaven on earth everything perfect since birth

I think not my friend for you will not have truly lived

Better your life has been an unsolved puzzle that puzzles you to the end

Better that the pieces didn't fit, you can believe me my friend

For I am wise and watchful of our life upon this earth and I know the puzzles worth

I'd much rather end my life with the puzzle so unsolved than end it with my empty soul that lacks it's ray of gold

Life is your ray of gold that is in you to the end, it fills your soul as you go along my friend

So don't feel unhappy if your pieces did't fit

Rejoice and be merry for you had a life and you lived it.....




tony sheridan

Mon 12th Nov 2012 20:11

Ten out of Ten! Take care, Tony.

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Lynn Dye

Fri 30th Jul 2010 23:11

I enjoyed this poem, Bernadette, well done xxx

<Deleted User> (6895)

Thu 29th Jul 2010 20:35

Hi Bernadette-have put comment to this poem on your blog-hope thats ok-Stef-xx

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