The velvet curtain

On the outside of this curtain there many beauty of the soft velvet an the Line in it but the beautiful thing is not what we can see, feel, hear , smell,or touch but this curtain contain many beauty through it

The most radiance thing in this curtain is the memory it hold from thw year it been there asorbing the memory like water on a beach

There beauty of it lye behind the most painful thing an the sorrow that followed it the by the core of many Truth an heartache left the strength of a soldier an a heart of a angel 

The purple curtain has mas thing the secret of many men an woman the veil that veen tried an repair over an over through the pure heart 

The royal blood of the curtain shed a reminder of the sarcrife of who we are through the age an many will forget it many will deny it but veil will stand as a reminder

The trial of this curtain are hard it forge a path of strength to test the one that come to it an decide to fight with heart of a angel an mind of a soldier 

There many who stumble to the veil many will try to run from veil but glory of memory from it will draw them back every time 

The purple curtain reminds men what an who we are as men an woman willing stand for the thing the live an obe they would die for as matry 




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Coaghlin broic

Fri 23rd Jul 2021 03:57

It Christian poem based on the torn veil

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