The fire of Truth an passion

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The fire on passion is a blaze of pure heart an simple mind that will be sudal an open to the blaze 

The fire of passion have gift but curse sometime the sudal word are the passion of a man with pure heart 

A passion of blaze the ones is love through sudal an unknow desire of the heart 

The blaze that will consume the soul with truth an blindness of it danger that lurk 

The sudal of word are embed of the word from the heart an soul  

The word truth are sudal but heavy sometimes like weight as heavy as the sky 

The Truth of wors we speak are sometimes harsh sometimes bold but they never fail to teach the lost 

The truth of the past is a passion the will hold one but never let go sometimes it thw ghost in the darkest corner of life 

The dark corners have the heaviest truth an the hardest thing to accept in life





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