Prime Sinister


I still cannot believe

He is in Number Ten.

I’d seen him more in films,

Cavorting on Big Ben.

As Fay Wray screams so high,

He gives the girls the eye,

And spouts the practised lie

Of all such gilded men.

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Stephen Gospage

Thu 22nd Jul 2021 14:33

Thank you for your kind comment, Brenda.

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Brenda Wells

Wed 21st Jul 2021 12:48

Love the title!
Really captures the spirit and character of the guy.

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Stephen Gospage

Tue 20th Jul 2021 18:00

Thank you, Julie.

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Stephen Gospage

Tue 20th Jul 2021 12:33

Thanks for all comments and to Tom, Adam, Jordyn, Aisha, Nadia and Holden for the likes.

Leon - there is certain physical resemblance between JC and JC, although not JC, if you see what I mean.

Ray - yes, the hunchback. I suppose there is also a subliminal allusion to the famous slip wire incident in the London park (complete with strangely small Union Jacks).

John - I reckon you're in the clear.

All the best Steve

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Mon 19th Jul 2021 15:22

The title alone...! Perhaps in his scaling of impossible heights he should team up with the hunchback of Notre Dame, another calamitous figure. Nice, Stephen!


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John Coopey

Sun 18th Jul 2021 23:13

Surely not my fault, Leon!!!???

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Leon Kamm

Sun 18th Jul 2021 17:57

He is in number 10 because of JC, and I don't mean Jesus Christ!

As for tomorrow onwards, keep everything crossed and wear your Tena Pants.

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 18th Jul 2021 17:34

As 'Freedom Day' approaches, watch out...

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